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- You are a Christian or a Muslim and you have already been involved in an encounter with members of a different faith, either through a cultural exchange bearing on your different ways of expressing your religious commitment, or through a mutual involvement in local volunteer work, in your job context, or in social, political or intercultural activities.

- You are a Christian or a Muslim and you observe that a good number of Christians and Muslims have a simplistic view of each other due to centuries of rejection and conflict.

- You are a Christian or a Muslim and you consider it urgent in our present- day world for those who speak for their communities to discover the validity of different modes of philosophical and religious self-expressions. Engaging in dialogue is a pre-requisite for constructing a world of peace and justice.

In any of these cases, we invite you to participate in

"The Week of Christian-Muslim Encounters for 2017"
from the 10th of November to the 26th of November

- and to organise sessions during this week in your hometown or neighbourhood on themes or approaches of your own choice, organized according to your own wishes.

- 90 encounters took place in some 58 towns in Europe during " the week of Christian-Muslim Encounters " in 2016.

- We would appreciate hearing from you before the 15th of June, if you are interested in this kind of initiative, and learning how you intend to participate.

Hoping to hear from you soon and most cordially yours,

For the " Week of Christian-Muslim Encounters SERIC EUROPE CORE GROUP "

Jean-Pierre Bacqué
Seric Europe

Haydar Demiryurek
co-Président GAIC

Hélène Millet
co-Président GAIC

The Week of Muslim-Christian Meetings 2015 was

organised on behalf of the GAIC,

financed with the help of

Catholic Committee against Hunger and for Developement

Islamic Relief France

with the partnership of
Les Amis de la Vie, Saphirnews.com, Salamnews,

El Kalima,
Plateforme de dialogue interculturel,

St Philip’s Centre,
Christian Muslim Forum,

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