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How we see each other ? How can we meet someone of another culture and religion without sucombing to prejudice to stereotypes, to misunederstanding based on aprioris. How can we overcome with difficulties for an fruitfull dialog ?Little scenes will be presented on the them "Christians and Muslims, how do we view each other ?", to encourage debate. Saturday 10th, 7PM Forum 104, 104 rue de Vaugirard, 75006
Conditions for dialog Lecture/debate between Myriam Bouregba and Father Jourdan with Norbert Ducrot as moderator Thursday 15th, 8PM Salle Jean-Eudes, 8 rue de la Durance, 75012
Spiritual itineraries We hope to share our experience of God both as in individual and member of a communauty by evoking privilaged moments, memories and persons who gave us support. With a participation fof Pastor Brice Deymié, and Khaled Roumo, Poet and Consultant.
Our ame is to give each ther support in our respective faiths by seeing how God chooses us freely and moulds each of us in a manner which is both unique and similar, how He i present in our live and how He accomplishes his promis from day to day.This also allow us to discover our respectives religions trough a personnal itinerary where lived experience in the light of our understanding of our text gives flesh to our deep identity.
Friday 16th, 8.30PM, Maison Fraternelle, 37 rue Tournefort, 75005
Inner peace : the first steps for Peace An interreligious meeting for peace . Speakers from our three monotheism will be invited to give us a commentary on the Kadish, the Our Father, and the Fatiha. This program will be coordinated with the GAIC workshop "Leaving our text" Sunday 18, 5PM, Maison Fraternelle, 37 rue Tournefort, 75005
An exchange on the role of chaplains Meeting of Muslim and Christian chaplains for hospital and prisons. An exchange and experiences to promote better understanding Thursday 22nd, 9.30AM-5PM, Commauté des Franciscains, 7 rue Marie Rose, 75014
What values and what believes should we transmit in a changing world In the morning, two round tables : The transmission of faiths and values from one generation to the next ; The issues of transmission in today’s world.
In the afternoon five workshops followed by a discussion on the roundtables and worlshops
Samedi 24, 9.30AM, Institut Catholique de Paris, rue d’Assas 75006
Religious identities, violence and fundamentalism, an exchange of views between Muslims, Christians and Jews in the XXIst century An inter-faith panel, organized by the Président of Exchanges in the light of our Sriptures Nicolas Meunier, and Osama Khalil, Director of the Scribe-l’Harmattan Meeting-Place, on the following themes :
  • Religious Identity and Radical Action : dying to kill (kamikazis),

  • Can an Islamic Identity encourage violence ? ,

  • Scripture(s) and the history of Fundamentalism,

  • Benedict the XVIth’s position on Faith and Reason, as interpreted by Judaïsm,

  • Religious identity, Faith and Violence

Saturday 24th, 3PM-6PM, Aumônerie de Jussieu-Censier, 33 rue Linné, 75005
Religions identities, fondamentalism, expression of violence : an exchange between Muslims, Christians and Jews Interreligious meeting organised by Nicolas Meunier and Osama Khalil on the themes :
* Religious identities and extremist acts : suicides actions to kill. Can religious identities leads to violence ?
* Sacred texts and fundamentalism
* Jewism position concerning Benedict the sixteen’s discours on faith and reason
Saturday 24th, 3PM-5PM, Aumônerie de Jussieu-Censier, 33 rue Linné, 75005

Regions surrounding Paris

Sharing viewpoints Luncheon including some fifty persons, leaders of Christian and Muslim and personalities engaged in dialog. The meal will be follloved by debate on a text signed by 138 muslim personalities and addressed to Christian leaders. Trappes (78) Sunday 2nd, Salle paroissiale.
Meeting each other An Evening of exchange on the theme of discovering each other and each others’ religions Ris-Orangis (91) Thursday 22nd, 8PM, Paroisse Sacré Coeur, 36 rue Pierre Brossolette
Christians and Muslims, let us learn to know each other 11.45am, Planting the Tree of Peace
1pm, lunch together
2.30pm Scenes preparing by tne GAIC work shop "How we see eatch other" on the theme : "Christians and Muslims, how do we see each other followed by a discussion on the same theme
4.30pm, The freing of Balloons with messages of Peace writen by the children from catéchisism classes and from the school of Islamic Goodworks.
5pm, Refreshments and free exchanges
In partnership with Sainte Bathilde Parish, Sainte Thérèse Parish, Saint Germain l’Auxerrois Parish, Reformed Communauty of Robinson and the Association of Goodworks of Châtenay-Malabry
Chatenay-Malabry (92) Saturday 25th, 11AM-6PM, Salle interculturelle, 280, avenue Jean Jaurès
Meeting each other An evening of exchange with a sharing meal followed by a moment of prayer. Clichy (92) Sunday 18th, 7PM-9PM Presbytère de l’Eglise saint Vincent de Paul
What should we announce and propose ? Whom can we assemble.. Within our diversity A day of meeting and exchange in small groups and a larger assembly including witness and the folowing speakers : Saïd Ali Koussay, Dominique Fontaine (Vicare général of tue Communauty "Mission de France" Bobigny (93) Saturday 17th, 9PM-5.30PM Espace Maurice Nilès, 11 rue du 8 mai 1945
Chaplaincies A time of welcome Interrigious dialog Witness of Saïd-Ali Koussay on his spiritual itineray Bobigny (93) Wednesday 21st, 1.30PM-5.30PM, Hôpital Avicenne, salle de l’aumônerie, Rdc, Porte n°7
Exclusion : how does it concern us Exchanges around a sharing meal Montreuil (93) Saturday 17th, 7PM, Locaux de la paroisse Saint-Pierre Saint-Paul 5 rue Pépin
Better to know us, better to understand us Every religious community will present its community, Jean Saillant, (Priest Catholique of the church of Sevran) will present the Catholic community, ElBekkay Merzak (secretary of the Muslim cultural association of Sevran) the Muslim community and Isabelle Hervé (Pasteur of the church Reformed of France in Aulnay) the Protestant community.
Then, to 9.30 pm will begin the time of the exchanges, to 21h50 the questions and finally, to 10.20pm will be evoked the future. Finally, the members of the different communities will make ampler acquaintance around a conferment.
Sevran (93) Saturday 17th, 7PM-9.30PM, Chapelle Saint Vincent de Paul, rue du commandant Charcot
Chaplaincies Catholic, Muslim an Protestant chaplains working in a hospital environment will witness ont their work. Then there will be an exchange between the speakers an questions from the audience.
Speakers : Alice Melès, Father Brunet, Saïd Ali Koussay and Pastor Anne Thôni
Créteil (94) Friday 23rd, 8.30PM
Living together Witness on living together by Muslims and Christians
Weaving wool and weaving frienship by the association Mes-tissages
Cergy-Pontoise (95) Sunday 18th, 5PM Salle des fêtes du centre socio-culturel de Marcouville, Pontoise

Regions of France

What space is there for religion in our society, in France ? A lecture with several voices, time of conviviality and sharing food animated by the Group "Gap Espérance" Gap (05) Saturday 17th, 8PM Chapelle des Pénitents
Abraham in the Bible and in the Koran A public lecture debate with Rachid Benzine and the Father Jean-Marc Aveline, organised by "les Amis de la Vie" together with the "Institut catholique de la Méditerranée" Marseille (13) Thursday 29th, 6.30PM-8.30PM Maison diocésaine Le Mistral, 11 impasse Flammarion
Local actors An afternoon of joint encounters into places of whorship, one Muslim, one Christian
A walk from one place of Worship to the other
A celebration with singing by the Muslim Scouts
Toulouse (31) Saturday 24th
Discovering each other A gathering of all the teams working in social activities, reflexion and action that bring together Muslim and Christian believers. The time of exchanges will allow each group to present its work with the object of promoting mutual discovery and facilitating future intitiatives. Bordeaux (33) Wednesday 21st, 8.30PM Athénée Municipal
Exorcising our fears (1) An exhibit on our two religions in the market place followed by an evening of debate.
(2)An exhibit in the morning in the city center, followed by a return to the "General Council of ’Hérault Department around the olive tree planted in 2002.
Montpellier (34), (1) Saturday 17th, Marché de la Paillade, (2) Saturday 24th, Temple de la rue Maguelone
Praticing interreligions dialog : Preconception and purpose (1) 10.30am Mass
(2) Noon Refreshment followed by sharing meal
(2) 2.30pm Meeting. An interreligious dialog with three speakers :Pastor David Alfonso, Dan Arbid from Synagogue and Assef Kais, a leader of The Muslims Scouts
Châtillon sur Indre (37) Sunday 11th, (1)Eglise de Chatillon sur Indre, (2) Ecole St Joseph, 8 rue de Bellevue
Reporting on a trip to Algeria by a group of Catholics and muslims in February of 2007 Starting with a diaporama, exchnges will follow . The speakers are Jacques Bolon et Azzedine Gaci. Bourgoin / L’Isle d’Abeau (38) Wednesday 21st, 8.30PM Salle paroissiale de L’Isle d’Abeau
The body in Muslim and Christian tradition : Organ implants An open lecture in a convivial atmosphere. Presenting the birth and the history of our Islamo-Christian group. A lecture on the Medical issues of Organ implants followed by time of debate Nevers (58) Sunday 25th, 3PM-5.30PM Maison du diocèse, 21 rue Gustave Mathieu
Our respectives views on birth, mariage, death An inaugural evening
We have choosen to give prominence to three important events in our religions : Birth, marriage, death
We will comment on our respective rituals with the showing of video made in collaboration withe the association « Im@g’in Production ». Prayers and sacred songs will accompany the evening
Strasbourg (67) Friday 16th, 8.30PM Salle du « Tambourin », Rue d’Ankara, Esplanade
Exchange A first meeting at the social and cultural center Cité de l’Ill Tuesday 20th, 8PM
Calendars An exhibit of interriligious calendars put together by childrens with the explanation of Lunar and Solar calendars. Cronenbourg, Wednesday 21st, 2PM, Eglise du « Bon Pasteur » 9, rue du Rieth
Come and visit the places where I pray A visit to our places of whorships from St Benoît to the Martin BUCER Centre with a stop at the A.R.S. Mosque Hautepierre Wednesday 21st, 7.30PM
Viewpoints in the Bible and the Koran A meeting of exchange Cronenbourg Thursday 22nd, 8PM, Eglise du « Bon Pasteur » 9, rue du Rieth
How we pray A meeting of exchange Lingolsheim Friday 23rd, 8PM, Foyer Oberlin 16a, rue du Landsberg (près de la Mairie)
What our western culture owes to our religions A lecture by Jean-Michel CROS – Researcher in social sciences Strasbourg Friday 23rd, 8PM, Librairie Oberlin1 Quai St Thomas
Meeting each other A meeting betwenn the AGS Muslim Communauty and the Christian communauty of Walff Koenigshoffen Saturday 24th, 8PM, Centre Socio-Culturel
How we each interpret the parable of the weed in the fields Interreligious celebration at the Church of Saint Vincent de Paul
The catholic communauty of Meinau is inviting the Protestant and Muslim communauties to participate in a sharing of the Word and of its prayer.
Eglise Saint Vincent de Paul Sunday 25th, 11AM La Meineau
Our unity within our transcendant religions Lecture by Michel Reeber, a Christian and Eric Geoffroy, a Muslim Grande Mosquée de Strasbourg Sunday 25th, 8PM, Impasse du Mai
Who is God for us Meeting and sharing Schiltigheim Thursday 29th, 8PM, salle Kléber – 119, Rue du Général De Gaulle
A day of interreligious meeting Day dedicated to the family
* A showing of Michel OCELOT film « Azur et Asmar » ,A a tale of frinshim bettween two young boys, one Western and the other, Arab
* Refreshment for the families
* A concernt by « Mireille Marie Trio »
* Mystical songs "From Anatolia to Andalusia".
Savernes (67) Sunday 25th 2PM-6PM
The place of prayer in Islam and Christianity Lectures on the theme Cernay (68) Friday 16th, 7.30PM, Centre socio-culturel Agora
Environment : water, our joined responsability Lectures on the theme :
(1)« From the Spring to the Tap » - What kind of water are we drinking ? How can we improve on its quality ? What about tomorrow ? by Hubert WIOLAND and Elsa Schobka
(2)« Water in the Bible and in the Koran » With Kamel Mouhad and Claude Mourlam. A collection will be taken up on separate evenings in the view of consciousness raising on environmental questions and in support of the CINE association : ( Centre d’initiation à la nature et à l’environnement de Lutterbach.)
(3) Professor H2O invites children to play an innovative game : "Looking for blue gold… "A creation of Ghita and Béatrice for children 6 years old and over. A competition with numerous prizes... A time of refreshments will close the afternoon meeting.
(4) An exhibit : « My earth is hurting » by Isabelle Gerber : What is our environment like today ? The four elements : - earth and our garbage – fire and the greenhouse effect – air and pollution - water
Mulhouse (68) Collège Jean XXIII, 190 av. A. Briand, (1) Monday 19th, 7.30PM-10PM, (2) Friday 23rd, 7.30PM-10PM, (3) Saturday 17th, 2.30PM-4PM (4) November 19th to 25th
Priests and Imams Encounter A day organized jointly by the CRCM ( the official Muslim representation for France)in its local antenna for the Rhone Alpes region, and the North African Muslim delegation for the Lyon diocese, on the theme : “ Priests and Imams, Knowing each-other better in order to work together more effectively”. Lyon (69) Saturday 17th
Chaplaincies in the present world A lecture on the theme of chaplaincy, with several speakers, both Christian and Muslim - Open to the general public Chambéry & Aix les Bains (73) Thursday 29th, 8.30PM -10.30PM Maison des Associations, salle D111
Meeting each other Opening Var department week with a shared supper Hyères (83) Saturday Novembre Novembre, 6.30PM, Centre social Massillon, 12 rue de Verdun
Meeting each other Religion and laicism Debate on the theme "Religion and laicism", visit of the places of worship Lorgues Sunday 25th afternoon
Meeting each other Inauguration of Abraham’s Tent (convivial place of intercultural and interfaith meeting) , in presence of the civil authorities and representatives of the communities Christian, Jewish and Muslim Toulon (83), Monday 26th, 11AM, Association AVISO, 16 rue Danton
Meeting each other Meeting each other La Garde (83) Tuesday 27th, 6.30PM
Pilgrimage Lectures on the theme of the pilgrimage by the imam Mostafa El Ouammou and the Father Benoît Moradeï
Friendship refreshment.
Toulon (83) Wednesday 28th, 7PM, Maison Providence, 1 av. de Bellegarde (à hauteur du 365 av. Picot)
Sharing a meal Opening with a shared supper Draguignan Wednesday 28th, 7PM
Meeting Meetings Brignoles Wednesday 28th, 8PM
A climb to the Saint Baume A day at the Sainte Baume. Meeting with the Benedictine sisters, luncheon at their refectory, a climb to the Grotto of the Sainte Baume dedicated to Mary Magdalen and a final meeting with the Dominican brothers. Plan d’Aups (83) Sunday 2nd, the hole day
Abraham A meeting – a round-table discussion around the 3 religions. Avignon (84) Thursday 15th, 8PM, Médiathèque Jean-Louis Barrault, La Rocade
Sharing our different culinary traditions (1) A luncheon prepared by the Christian community
(2) A luncheon prepared by the Muslim community
(3) (3) A meeting of young people from both communities
Poitiers (86), (1) Wednesday 21st, (2) Thursday 22nd, (3) Friday 23rd, 6PM, Centre "Point Jeunes de la Porchaire"
An intereligious encounter between Christians, Jews and Muslims Cross-roads on three themes
* The distancing of immigrant children
* Can we improve on existing educational means ? If so, how ?
* Explanations on the exhibits by the organizers, and the video film of last year’s meetings
GERMANY : Berlin-kreuzberg Wednesday 7th, 1.30-6PM
For the young : an interreligions foot-ball tourniament There is a long-standing desire for a soccer match This year, we will actually organize one. Young people from 12 to 16 have been invited. We expect 10 teams, 4 Catholic ones, 2 Protestant ones, 2 Muslim teams, 1 Jewish, 1 Bahaï, 1 Alevi.
The aim is to have young people from our separate communities meet and get to know each-other. This type of joint activity will, hopefully, make further contacts possible and allow new initiatives to emerge. GERMANY : Saarbrucken Sunday 25th, 1pm-7pm, Sporthalle des Willi-Graf-Gymnasiums
How can we view Mevlana Djalâl Ad-Dîn Rûmi and Saint Françis of Assisi in today’s perspectives ? A lecture with two speakers, one Christian, one Muslim
* Exchanges
* Soufi Music
* Meditative Christian music
* Refreshments
BELGIUM : Bruxelles Friday 16th, 7PM, à la Maison Notre-Dame du Chant d’Oiseau, Av. des Franciscains.
La couleur du sacrifice Film de Mourad Boucif * The presentation of a film by its producer
* The projection of the film
* A debate with the producer
* Refreshments
BELGIUM : Bruxelles Friday 23rd, 7.30PM, Institut des Soeurs de Notre-Dame, Rue de Veeweyde
Transmitting one’s faith within the family : education, values A day of convivial exchange
* 3.30pm A time of welcome
* 3.45pm La place et le rôle de la famille : regards catholique et musulman. Echanges.
* 4.45pm Prayer to the mosque
* 5.15pm Testimonies of Muslim and Catholic parents / children. Exchanges
* 5.50pm Conclusion and Célébration
BELGIUM : Charleroi Sunday 25th, 3.30-6PM Centre Culturel « AL Hidaya » 71, rue J.Destrée
What do we have in common ? An Islamo-Christian encounter FINLANDE : Helsinki Saturday 1st
The story of Jacob and his brothers Interfaith Celebration animated by the Pasteur, the Imam and Ignatius Neerven, with the active cooperation of the pupils of the schools and the involvement of a group of young musicians HOLLAND : Bergen op Zoom Sunday 18th
A week of exchanges on our texts Three evenings to read and to debate the Koran and the Bible HOLLAND : Bergen op Zoom Tuesdays 20th, 27th and 4th
Women’s Christian Muslim Dialogue Discussing scripture as well as sharing their experiences of being women of faith GREAT-BRITAIN : Leicester Tuesday 13th
Looking at relationships between Christians & Muslims and related education processes St Philips Centre & Bradford Churches for Dialogue & Diversity will meet for a strategy meeting GREAT-BRITAIN : Leicester Wednesday 14th, 1-3.30PMSt Philips Centre
Musical events 12 Musical events involving Christian and Muslim children in 12 schools across Leicester and Leicestershire GREAT-BRITAIN : Leicester Mondays 19-26
Tree planting in Watermead Park This will symbolise Christians, Muslims and other faiths as well as people of no faith putting something positive into the earth. GREAT-BRITAIN : Leicester, Watermead Park
Whirling Dervishes event A special collaboration between the communities means that this event will attract more non-Muslims ; Muslims will take non-Muslims as their guests to the event. GREAT-BRITAIN : Leicester Monday 19th
Christian-Muslim Seminar Presence and Engagement seminar at St Philip’s centre on Islam and other faiths. Panel : Suleman Nagdi, Andrew Wingate, Clare Downing GREAT-BRITAIN : Leicester Thursday 22nd, 9AM-4PMSt Philip’s Centre
Muslims in Britain & Europe Dialogue between Dr Shanthi Hettiarachi and a local Imam. GREAT-BRITAIN : Leicester Rippon College
Meeting Islam and Muslims All Public libraries in Leicester and Leicestershire will have exhibitions in there premises as well as a Muslim speaker talking about what it means to be them. The audience will be majority Christian. GREAT-BRITAIN : Leicestershire 12-30th
Spiritual guidance The programme includes : scripture studies, leadership workshops, film screening - ’The Imam and the Pastor - , keynote addresses, local group workshops. The main speakers will be His Grace Bishop Angaelos of the Coptic Orthodox Church Centre, Stevenage ; Fuad Nahdi, Senior Fellow, Muslim College.
The workshops will explore case studies in the following areas : Younger and Older People, Women, social Justice, Social Justice, Personal Development GREAT-BRITAIN : High Leigh 28/29 November 2007, from lunchtime to lunchtime Leicestershire
Religion as a possible choice (1)Youth meeting about religion and peace
(2)Breakfast meeting about religion/faith as a possibility in the work for a better society. A muslim pdagogue and a christian priest are sharing with us -open lecture.
SUEDE : Gävle, (1) Wednesday 21st, (2) Thursday 22nd, Staffan Church - congregation hall

other countries

Christian-Muslim Dialogue Problematic of the Christian-Muslim dialogue ", with Sister Annemie - Library of the Social Sciences in Arabic - Mustapha CHERIF -former higher education minister and ambassador of his native Algeria - and Henri Teissier - Catholic archbishop of Algeria Algeria,Alger Les Glycines

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